The 5 main areas we work

With our companies, we have a global vision of the entire sustainability project development process by working in the different areas of activity. Therefore, we guarantee a competitive advantage over other companies.

Our services are divided in these areas:

Environmental engineering

TEVALCOR offers water and environmental engineering services.

Specialized in design, development and maintenance of water treatment plants for purification in urban and industrial environments. We also offer environmental engineering services in other areas such as solar energy or sustainable construction.

Our environmental engineering service, executed by Gestión del Valor y Soluciones S.L. – TEVALCOR Group, can be hired by companies from any sector, whether public or private, and from anywhere in the world, adapted to the client’s needs.

In addition, at GV Soluciones we offer consulting services for the construction of sustainable buildings, focusing on aspects such as efficiency in the use of energy, resources used in construction, operation and maintenance, the quality of the sustainable materials to be used or the technology of the processes involved.

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Tevalcor - Environmental Engineering - GV Soluciones

Equipment manufacturing

To cover the needs of environmental engineering projects, TEVALCOR manufactures equipment for all the integral water cycle that goes from purification to wastewater treatment.

We have also developed standardized equipment to reduce costs, but if it is necessary, we can design and manufacture individualized equipment to provide the needs of the company or institution that requests it.

In addition, we have the capacity to build pilot plants for R&D projects and even special parts that require custom manufacturing.

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TEVALCOR - Equipment manufacturing - TAGA

Sustainable construction

At TEVALCOR we are aware that architecture and sustainable urbanism are going to be disruptive in many sectors worldwide.

A building designed and built thinking about the use of resources is a tremendously significant bet for the improvement of the environment that surrounds it, in addition to the reduction in consumption costs that sustainable buildings entail.

For this reason, at TEVALCOR, developing under PassivHaus standards, we get involved and support the process of creation and construction of all types of edifications at an urban level such as residencial complexes or hospitals. Also at an industrial level we work on the development and construction of buildings such as industrial estates or warehouses.

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TEVALCOR - Sustainable construction

Sustainable projects financing

We know that it is not easy to obtain the necessary resources for environmental management in many sustainable development projects. For this reason, Tevalcor has created Tevalcor Green Financing Solutions.

With Tevalcor Green Financing Solutions we can help you to manage the financing search processes for the development of sustainability projects in any sector and anywhere in the world.

As a result, we comply with the objective of offering an integral service in sustainable projects, from design, manufacture, installation and commissioning to financing.

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Tevalcor Green Financing Solutions - Sustainable projects financing

Technological services

TOR – Technology Offer Request is a knowledge web platform that offers advanced technical solutions to help professionals to learn, make technical offers in record time, connect with companies in the sector, demand specialized products and services, and seek project financing.

This tool is a specific innovative software that arose from TEVALCOR‘s own needs, developed by our Technological Services department.

Now, we want to offer this software to everyone involved in projects in the environmental field.

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