The importance of the sustainable building

…and how we understand its value at TEVALCOR

Among the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, number eleven is about sustainable cities and communities.

To understand this concept, at TEVALCOR we developed an ideal city called IDYLLIC. A smart-city that combines the concept of society and sustainability, to introduce our vision of a modern world that will shape the future.

In it, the buildings are designed following sustainability patterns, creating spaces that promote among the community a way of life at a personal and professional level, healthier and more respectful with the surrounding environment.

This objective is not easy to achieve, since sustainable construction must be based on efficiency regarding various aspects such as energy, water, waste and mobility.

In addition, the project must be surrounded by architectural elements including the use of sustainable materials that, at the end of their useful life, can be recycled, minimizing waste generation.

Technology Offer Request - Sustainable Development Goals

At IDYLLIC, we divide the aspects of sustainable construction into several sections.

This Smart-City is the basis of our technological tool TOR.

IDYLLIC is our model of how a sustainable city has to be

The development of a Smart City includes the differentiation between the areas of the city. The needs of a residential area are different from those in an industrial zone.

The energy and water requirements, waste management and mobility in an industrial area will require infrastructures that, although in their conception are the same as those of a residential area, their planning, construction and maintenance will require differentiation.

At TEVALCOR we are aware that the integral development of a sustainable city entails the differentiation between these areas according to the project. Therefore, our work areas are able to adapt and complement each other to cover the needs of the sustainable project to be executed.

These are the four aspects to be developed in a sustainable city:





The generation, use and conservation of energy in a sustainable city

TEVALCOR - Green energy

In our ideal city, the energy consumed and stored by the city comes from renewable sources.

The generation of energy from elements such as solar panels, windmills or through the use of green hydrogen, help to minimize the environmental impact of energy used by the community.

Decarbonization is the desired goal, that is why at TEVALCOR we develop R&D in the renewable energy field and promote its use among our customers.

If you are interested in reducing the energy consumption of a building, we can propose technological solutions to solve your needs.

TEVALCOR - Green energy

The challenging management of the integral water cycle

TEVALCOR - Integral Water Cycle

The sustainability of the water cycle includes the development, use and recycling of water throughout the city, adjusting supply and demand to ensure its availability in appropriate quantity and quality.

Projects for residential or industrial areas that allows the use of rainwater or the recycling wastewater and greywater through eco-friendly constructed wetlands, district wastewater treatment plants, etc., are essential for a city to administer this essential element for the social and economic development of the community.

If you want to discover more about how to properly manage the water cycle of your sustainable project, at TEVALCOR we can help you.

Managing residues to minimize our environmental footprint

TEVALCOR - Waste treatment

The generation of untreated waste is one of the major problems facing our society. At TEVALCOR we want to ensure that in our ideal sustainable city IDYLLIC, this waste is treated optimally.

Reducing the environmental footprint of waste generates a great added value not only by reducing waste generation, but also by recovering a large part of it through recycling.

Recycling projects and solid or liquid waste treatment for sustainable construction are developments that we can execute.

If you need help in this field, please contact us.

TEVALCOR - Waste treatment

Sustainable mobility as a tool for pollution reduction

TEVALCOR - Electric mobility

The rise of electric mobility is changing the mobility paradigms of cities. Large sustainable city projects have had to change their plans due to the appearance of efficient electric vehicles.

And in order to expand electric mobility, at TEVALCOR we are prepared to implement sustainable mobility projects.

The installation and maintenance of charge and recharge points located on streets, shopping centers, industrial parks or at home, is our contribution to promote a respectful mobility not only with the environment, but also with the air we breathe.

Architecture and construction contributing to green construction

TEVALCOR Model, a sustainable home

TEVALCOR is committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), related to protecting the environment and ensuring prosperity for future generations through sustainable construction.

And to accomplish those goals, TEVALCOR LATAM has developed a new house design, the TEVALCOR Model.

A certified PassivHaus house, completely sustainable and self-sufficient, through elements such as a Solar Flower for self-generation of energy, the collecting and use of rainwater, the purification of gray and black water through artificial wetlands and the use of recyclable materials.

Tevalcor Model - Sustainable Home - Ecuador

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