Green Graphene®

Green Graphene® is the brand with which we call the sustainable graphene we have developed. This graphene is produced from biogas obtained from livestock waste.

Biogas is a mixture of different gases produced by the degradation of organic matter in the absence of oxygen.

This can be used in an engine to produce electricity or heat, or it is burned in a boiler to produce heat. This versatility makes anaerobic digestion the best option to valorize organic waste.

In addition, after the fermentation a semiliquid (digested) stream is generated that can be used as a fertilizer.

A Biogas plant is used to manage organic waste in an integrated manner, solving two problems at the same time:

  • Waste treatment and management
  • Energy supply: electricity and heat in any format (steam, hot water, etc)

The production of biogas and biomethane from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste is considered throughout Europe as an important sustainable energy alternative that manages to apply the circular economy to the production of clean energy. In addition, biogas is the only energy from renewable sources that can be used for any of the large energy applications: electrical, thermal or as fuel and can be stored easily to be used when needed.

In this way we obtain enough energy for the production of this high performance material.