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We live in a world where both people and companies are increasingly connected.

From our smartphones to machines or production plants will be connected in the future to work together and in coordination.

In this the internet of things has a lot to do, which refers to devices that are connected to the internet and it is the user who makes use of these devices. This is simply to connect organizations, people, objects or services by network so that everything will have the ability to transmit or receive information.

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The fact that the objects can communicate real-time incidents or report results will help improve work processes, which can be corrected on the fly to increase their productivity. This supposes an important reduction of costs, risks and a greater efficiency.

In industries such as manufacturing, for example, sensors can be connected at different points in the chain, communicating changes in procedures or incidents that will allow corrections on the fly, eliminate part of the processes or modify their approach.

In the area of ​​distribution, storage and logistics, this technology will improve efficiency and reduce costs, optimize spaces and allow workers to devote their time to issues of greater added value in the business.

The applications in this field benefit all kinds of sectors, from the medical or the research, to the automotive industry, agriculture or energy.