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At Tevalcor we take our care of our environment very seriously. For us, the most efficient use of resources and producing less waste is a priority.

Our goal is to help our clients to reconcile their activity with the conservation of the environment that surrounds them, a balance that not only benefits us now but also ensures the well-being of future generations.

how can we help you?

Water is an essential natural resource for life. Currently the availability of quality water is becoming a problem.

In the industry, and especially in the food industry, water is essential for the production of a large number of ingredients or operations, both auxiliary and cleaning, transport, refrigeration, etc.

The high demand for water is associated, on the one hand, a high cost for companies and on the other, it generates a large volume of wastewater, increasing other costs such as the treatment of these waters.

Linked to this problem is the high toxicity and load of industrial pollutants that have highly significant impacts on water resources, human health and the environment.

We specialize in minimizing water in the industrial sector and in optimizing water consumption and adopting strategies to minimize the volume of water to be poured. In this line, we offer the technology for its reuse and regeneration. We also perform audits to advise the client and adapt to each particular case.