Sustainable building

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The building as well as aesthetic influence, exerts a strong weight on the urban environmental quality. A building designed and constructed in a sustainable manner minimizes the use of water, raw materials, energy, and soil throughout the entire life cycle of the building.

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Sustainable buildings have the capacity to make a greater contribution to the future of our planet. Buildings in developed countries register high energy consumption through raw materials, operations and maintenance.

In addition, more than half of the population lives in urban environments, so sustainable constructions are necessary to ensure long-term preservation, that the growth of the cities is sustainable.

At Tevalcor we advise on sustainable building adapting to the needs of each client, focusing on aspects such as the efficiency in the use of energy and resources used in construction, operation and maintenance, the quality of sustainable materials to be used and the technology of the processes involved.

The projects have to demonstrate a development that has vision towards the future integrating the available advances to establish a link between the environment and construction.

Sustainable building is the path towards a better integrated environment in the natural environment and that will help people achieve well-being guaranteeing it in the future.